Hilton Head Buyers Evaluating the Property

The true value of a property depends to a large degree on its physical condition. A home in good condition is obviously worth more than a home in poor condition. Yet this simple concept is not always made obvious to home buyers.

You must look beyond the surface. The property may have a new coat of paint and there may be lavish landscaping, but if the structure, foundation, one of the home's operating systems, or even the land beneath is defective, the home may actually be worth far less than what the seller wants.

The purpose of a home evaluation is to determine if there are any defects in the home's condition that would lower the value. If you conduct a thorough examination before you complete your purchase, you will avoid paying too much for a home—you may avoid buying a problem home altogether. Keep in mind that this is only one factor in determining the value of, and what you should offer for, the home.

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