Hilton Head Island Short Sales

Hilton Head Island is a very special place but it is not without its fair share of distressed property sales that are known as villa/condo foreclosures. The villa real estate market on Hilton Head Island, the major sectors where you will find foreclosures will be in the low tier of the pricing brackets. These are mainly in the areas of $250,000 or less in pricing. The reason seems to be that this sector of the market was bought up by "investors" who either counted on the market to continue its unsustainable clime in price or they were only able to remain viable if the long term tenant rates stayed strong.

Short Sale Real Estate For Sale In Hilton Head Island

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With the drop in the housing market all together, not only did prices drop and the tenant occupancy, as well as most of the construction jobs was eliminated. This sector of the market still has a large number of distressed and foreclosed properties available while the higher end resort market villas are actually doing very well. That's because the higher end markets are supported by the tourism industry of short term rentals which are all still doing very well. Hilton Head condo foreclosure real estate is listed below.