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How long can the residential real estate market go on like this? We are about two years into a local trend of dropping housing supply and increasing median sales prices. Multiple-offer situations over asking price are commonplace in many communities, and good homes are routinely off the market after a single day. It is evident that a favorable economy keeps hungry buyers in the chase. 

For the 12-month period spanning August 2016 through July 2017, Pending Sales in the Hilton Head region were up 8.1 percent overall. The price range with the largest gain in sales was the $650,001 and Above range, where they increased 17.2 percent. The overall Median Sales Price was up 2.1 percent to $295,000. 

The property type with the largest price gain was the

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Not sure where to go or what to do…. How about some “Stellar” ideas!

 Awesome events around Beaufort County and SC to watch the solar eclipse


Beaufort Academy will be featuring guest speakers and present displays in association with The Kennedy Space Center starting at 1:30 p.m. the day of the  eclipse, then hosting eclipse viewing from their football field. Free eclipse glasses will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Beaufort County Libraries- Branches around the county will be hosting various events. Many branches will screen the NASA live feed of the eclipse as it makes its way across the country to the      South Carolina Coast and the Bluffton branch will hold an “eclipse and salsa” party starting at 2 p.m. For a

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A strong foundation is required for every new beginning.  Whether building a new home or a new career just one crack can mean dream demolition.  Find your new beginning with Foundation Realty!  Here our vision is in our name. We offer a stable foundation and provide Realtors with the necessary tools to build and grow with us.  Since our inception in 2008 we have been welcoming Realtors to join our family and come home to their forever company.  Read on to see why Foundation Realty is waiting to welcome you!

We are Stable and Strong:  We are constantly growing and developing ways to become more technologically innovative.  We have implemented an unmatched lead generation process in order to ensure that buyer leads are efficiently delivered to our agents

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It’s worth the trip! Do a little house shopping, then enjoy an afternoon or evening out eating some of South Carolinas favorites…. Here’s what the Food Network has to say (click the link for the full article & list of SC traditions)

Partake of the Palmetto State: What to Eat in South Carolina

Dig into the seafood, sips, sweets and savories that make South Carolina one of the most food-forward destinations in the country.

  1. Oysters- Roasting oysters or slurping ‘em on the half shell are South Carolina rites. There are literally dozens of oyster hotspots up and down the coast.
  1. She-Crab Soup - A rich soup that’s similar to bisque, she-crab
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5 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

Daily Real Estate News | Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Home buyers would be wise to interview a home inspector before they hire one. But what should they ask? Here are a few questions to consider.

1. What do you check?

A home inspector will look at everything from the roof to the foundation and in between, Frank Lesh, executive director of the American Society of Home Inspectors, told®. But they are restricted to visual, general inspections. A specialist may be needed for further investigation on some items. Buyers will want to get a clear understanding of what the inspector will and will not be checking. For example, will they scrutinize the inside of the fireplace or the well and septic

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The Best Paint Color to Sell a Home

Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lure potential buyers with a simple and clean palette. Shades of white and off-white are the top colors for a quick home sale, Jody Finglas of Finglas Painting in Ossining, N.Y., told USA Today.

“White is the foundation that anchors the home,” adds Friley Saucier, a broker-associate with Sotheby's International Realty in Naples, Fla. “This is absolutely what is most requested when I’m working with home buyers.”

Finglas says less is more. “We’re seeing a lot of requests for lighter, brighter colors,” he notes.

When working with a white backdrop, the trick is to add in color through the furnishings and accessories, Finglas says. He says selecting the

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Hilton Head has been voted #1 Best Island in the Continental U.S., moving up 6 spots from 2016's "Best Islands in the World" listing in Travel & Leisure magazine.  We came in 2nd place for Best Island in the world; not too shabby. Voters have agreed that the top 5 things that make Hilton Head best in the U.S. are 1. Natural Attractions, 2. Activities/Sights, 3. Restaurants, 4. People/Friendliness & 5. Value.  Put those altogether & you have the #1 Best Island for creating family traditions each year, buying a vacation home for more frequent visits or moving here permanently as so many have already.  Hilton Head Island offers something for everyone & most is accessible by bicycle. Visit the island and experience lots of Lowcountry Love! 


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Mortgage Sense July 5, 2017

Understanding appreciation What makes a home's value rise and fall

By Danielle Flynn

In today’s real estate market, where inventory is sparse, homebuyers and sellers alike do well to understand the concept of home value appreciation. Unlike the purchase of a car, that loses value (or depreciates) when you drive it off the lot, the value of your home may increase (or appreciate) over time. Appreciation is based on several factors – some within the homebuyer’s control, other factors…not so much.

Where is as important as what

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again: Location, Location, Location. Where you purchase your home may be the most important (controllable) factor to appreciation. If value appreciation

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MARKET UPDATE July 7, 2017
June job gains come in hot
By Greg Richardson - EVP of Capital Markets

Employment in the U.S. thundered in June as the labor market added 222,000 new jobs to the economy, surpassing analyst expectations by several thousand, according to job numbers released Friday.

Wages grew by 2.5 percent over the last year while unemployment was little changed, bumping up to 4.4 percent. The average workweek went up to 34.5 hours while the labor force participation rate, which measures the number of people actively employed or looking for work, remained unchanged at 62.8 percent. In May, that number was 62.7 percent, and it was the same in June 2016, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The robust report follows May’s disappointing

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Carl Schroeder has just been recognized for forty years of active membership by the National Association of Realtors®, in recognition of his invaluable contribution to our community and to the profession of real estate. In addition to listing and selling property in the South Carolina Lowcountry, he is instrumental in teaching a generation of agents and brokers the ethics and best practices of making home ownership a possibility here. He continues to mentor area Realtors and their clients.

Carl Schroeder moved to Hilton Head Island in 1976 from California, after 5 years in the Army and earning his MBA at the University of Utah. He purchased a home on Hilton Head Island and immediately became involved in the real estate business through his first job as

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