Adjusting To Your New Environment

The psychological effects of moving are often underestimated. Moves can be difficult for children and adults. Meeting neighbors and creating ties to the community are not easy. The following are some suggestions:

Push yourself to meet people. This can be as simple as walking your dog daily in a park with other pet owners.

Community service and volunteerism is a good way to meet new people. Community centers, garden clubs, churches, and schools offer this opportunity.

Join a club. Resume activities you enjoyed before moving. Meet people with common interests.

Look for common interest support networks.

Explore your new town - museums, theatres, restaurants will offer you opportunities to meet new people.

Try something new. Did you always want to take a cooking class? Community colleges offer a wide variety of classes that are fun and inexpensive. Keep in mind the pressure the move can have on your children. Give them special attention until they've made friends and adjusted to their new home and neighborhood.

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