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    About Hilton Head Plantation

    England established settlements in 1717 on what is now Hilton Head Island, and in the same year John Barnwell acquired approximately 500 acres on the north end of the island. That acreage, later owned by Sea Pines Plantation, became Hilton Head Plantation in 1971 and eventually expanded into one of the island’s largest residential communities. Touching Skull Creek—which leads to the IntraCoastal Waterway—on one side and Port Royal Sound on another, Hilton Head Plantation is now approximately 5,000 acres. The private, gated residential areas should not deter interested guests from the plantation; numerous public-access amenities are offered for recreation, dining, and recreation on two miles of beaches and two nature conservancies.

    Security Features

    Over 20 full-time security officers, most with either military or law enforcement experience, make up the security department on Hilton Head Plantation. The two gates, known individually as the Main Gate and the Cypress Gate, along with two daily patrols ensure the safety of the neighborhood. A third gate-for visitors-is open seven days a week during the daytime, as is the Dispatch Center. Residents are given PIN numbers with which they can phone guards to allow their guests access.

    Hilton Head Plantation: History

    Just as General Fraser purchased land (later to become Sea Pines Plantation) in the 1960s, the Hack family owned the land of Hilton Head Plantation as well as that of Long Cove Club, Wexford, and Indigo Run. In 1971, Fred Hack agreed to a purchase offer for the HHP land from The Port Royal Group, who almost immediately resold the land for HHP to Charles Fraser. Fraser borrowed almost $30 million from two separate banks to finance HHP, but real estate sales were slumping and buyers were hard to find. So in 1975, due to the lack of payment on those loans, the banks offered to free Fraser’s debt in return for the deed to HHP. The banks next contracted with the Sea Pines Company to manage HHP but soon decided on bringing in Major General Howard Davis as a marketing consultant, to eventually become Hilton Head Plantation president, in the fall of 1976. Under Maj. Gen. Davis’ direction, HHP was able to improve HHP and increase sales to such a degree that the banks were finally able to sell HHP and regain some of their losses from HHP’s near-bankruptcy. The Melrose Company, organized in 1984 to develop Daufuskie Island, purchased Hilton Head Plantation in the mid-1980s and remains in ownership today.


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