Hilton Head Island Real Estate - Curb Appeal

Hilton Head Island Properties Need Curb Appeal To Get More Activity.

First impressions really do make a difference. Since the outside of your home is the first thing the buyer sees, it is important to make it appear as inviting as possible.

Make sure the lawn is properly mowed. Also, edge your sidewalks and driveway often as this helps give your lawn a well-manicured look.

Remove any unnecessary clutter such as garden hoses, garden tools, toys, and anything else that could potentially make your yard look unkempt.

Check the siding for loose or damaged pieces and replace as necessary. Also keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in the world.

Be sure to check gutters and downspouts. If they are dented or damaged, consider replacing them; they are not very expensive and you want your home to look well-maintained.

Clean, repair, or even consider replacing the address numbers on your home.

If your mailbox is old and rusty, definitely get a new one. The appearance of such an obvious item indicates the condition of your property.

If possible, plant flowers as well. Another way to bring a warm, comfortable feel to your house is to place potted plants or flowers near your front doorstep—and don't forget the "welcome" mat!

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