There is no greater healer than the sea

Posted by on Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 9:16am.

Written by: Melanie Lutkowski 
Pictures by: Kim Ciuffreda

Burkes Beach

There is a place where the ride is thrilling but admission is free.  Feel the lift then crash like thunder. Dig in and let it take you down.  It is in this moment you find the quiet calm and fill with childhood glee.  There is no greater healer then the sea.     

Come and be healed by the beaches of Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Beaches like Burkes Beach are the perfect medicine for the winter blues. Like most beaches on Hilton Head Island, this piece of shoreline offers unmatchable views.  The early morning light explodes over the sea and creates a warm sandy resting place for beach lovers.   As the sea swallows the sun, vibrant colors consume the clouds as dolphins dare to dance on breaking waves.  The rare find on this beach is a thrill ride designed by nature.  A perfectly placed inlet allows the daring to ride the tide out to sea and chase the waves back to shore.  A nature made lazy river this ride is not to be missed.  Grab your tube and join the islanders at Burkes Beach!  It is a bit of a walk to this beach but I assure you, it will quickly carry you away!

The ocean is a majestic monstrosity that makes light even the heaviest of hearts.  Trade in toes bitten by frost for toes buried in the sand! Come home to Beaufort County! 

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Burkes BeachBeach

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