The Snow Beast

Posted by on Monday, August 22nd, 2016 at 9:58am.

By Melanie Lutkowski 

It’s Monday.  You hear the alarm screaming and quickly silence it.  Just fifteen more minutes of slumber is worth the gamble.  One dream later thirty minutes has passed.  With a rip the covers are gone.  The icy air consumes you. Your heating system is no match for the February chill.  Your feet like cement blocks, you drag yourself to the coffee pot. As you draw your next breath, it happens.  Your heart furiously beats, pouring out the notes to a horror movie theme song.  Cautiously you approach the curtain.  As the fabric is slowly peeled your eyes widen in terror.  Not a zombie apocalypse.  Not a masked man.  No monster flashing a pearly white grin, just a pearly white blanket of inconvenience.

Run from the snow beast. Imagine waking in the dead of winter to the sounds of spring. Trade in your snow shovel for a golf club and move to Beaufort County, South Carolina. Here locals are building sand castles while friends in the northeast are building mountains of snow. Flip flops in February are the perfect attire and wintery evenings consist of sweet tea and sunset cruises.

We can help you create your footprint on the sandy shores of Beaufort County.  Whether you are looking for beachfront or you are more of a land lover we will help you find the perfect home for you and your family.  The snow beast is hiding in the shadows waiting to attack.  Call today and let us show you how you can escape winter and slay the beast! 

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