Remodeling tips to increase the value of your home By Carl Schroeder

Posted by on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 9:33am.

Remodeling tips to increase the value of your home By Carl Schroeder

When getting ready to remodel your home, think about planning it before doing it. You’ll be better off if your updates and upgrades are realistic and well though-out.

Start slowly and make a list of everything that you would like to change. If you are thinking of selling your home, talk to your Realtor® to align your remodeling plan with the selling plan.

Even if you plan to sell down the road, advice from your real estate agent will be useful to see how home improvements affect home values and home prices. Some improvements are more valuable than others.

After you have scrubbed your wish list, and it fits in with your life plan, here are some remodeling tips:

Curb appeal a big plus for you and your buyer. Test you home for curb appeal. Walk across the street and look at your home. Have a friend who you trust to give you an honest opinion look with you. This is not the time for “I did not want to hurt your feelings” friend! Is it appealing and inviting at first glance? Some flowers and plants will beautify the front yard. Cut down or trim all the over grown bushes! Painting the front door and trim will make the entryway more attractive. Power washing the roof, home, and all driveways, walks and patios FRONT AND BACK! This is your first impression – they may not even get out to see your home if it does not give a good first impression!

Do one room (or a specific area) at a time. Whether refreshing with repainting, or knocking down a wall, turning a big project into smaller projects that fit your timeframe, budget and comfort level make them more bearable and achievable.

Small improvements make a big difference. Ii it’s difficult deciding on improve your home’s appearance or making upgrades that will increase your home’s value, do a little of both. Ask your agent for advice; home stagers and designers are also helpful. 

Keep an eye on expenses by shopping around. Whatever projects are decided upon, you will be surprised at all the available options. There are many construction companies, remodelers, renovators, and handy men who can help you improve the appearance and increase the value of your home.

Remodel or upgrade the kitchen. Whether it’s a total tear-out or a mini-remodel,the upgrade with the greatest return is the Kitchen. Things you can do include: change the paint, redo the counters, refinish the cabinets, go stainless steel, add new tile, or add an island.

Make the bathrooms sparkle and shine. Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear, so keep them clean, light, and even spa-like. Increase their appeal with shiny faucets, under-mount sinks, granite countertops, modern lighting, and attractive tile floors.

Carl Schroeder, 2014, 1983 and 1986 Hilton Head Realtor of the Year is a Realtor and associate broker with Foundation Realty. He has been serving the Hilton Head area since 1976.


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