Homes sales fare well in the fall season

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Homes sales fare well in the fall season

by Carl Schroeder

 Most real estate agents agree that home selling in Autumn is the second best season to sell a home. Summer vacations have ended and the kids have gone back to school. The empty nesters are thinking about the future without children at home and life is less hectic and the holidays are still down the road a bit. People are comfortable and relaxed as the temperatures begin to drop.

 Here are some tips that are appealing to autumn home buyers:

 Spruce Up The Yard – Remove dead leaves and debris in your lawn. Blow away those pine needles. Trim the bushes and cut the tree limbs, so that the sun can shine in.

Accentuate That Autumn Appeal – Use fall flowers and arrangements placed at the entrance and around the front of the house. Pumpkins are also a nice touch to create seasonal curb appeal.

Clean The Windows and Power Wash the House and Roof – The summer weather can make your windows dusty and dirty. Wash them so they sparkle inside and out (clean the screens as well). The pine straw on the roof and gutters or the mold on your siding needs to disappear and make your house have best first impression!

Weatherize Inside – Check the heating and air-conditioning system and change the filter so the air inside is fresh and clean. All buyers will have the HVAC inspected anyway, so get that done before you put your home on the market and remove any problems if there are any.

Call The Chimney Sweep – If you have a wood fireplace, get it cleaned from top to bottom. If it's gas or electric (and it's not Lowcountry hot outside, turn it on when buyers come through.

Fall Food Delights – Autumn buyers like the scents of fresh baked pumkin pie, cookie, hot apple cider, and cinnamom sticks. It makes scents to get them in the autumn buying mood. Use carpet fresh sparingly so it does not compete.

Use Autumn Colors – You don't have to redecorate but you can accessorize with bright fall colors ... red, orange, brown and yellow pillows or throws. An autumn-colored quilt would be a nice touch, and don't forget about that dining room arrangement of pine cones, chestnuts, and leaves.

 You can also set the mood with music, lights, and an offering of parting treats. Little snack sized candy bars are always a big treat! Be sure to have your unbranded information on the home and your development out for the prospective buyer.

 Finally, in autumn (or for any season), place some "attractive and informative" notes around the house that highlight special features or creature comforts. Your real estate agent will be happy to help you with this.

 Carl Schroeder is a Realtor and Associate Broker with Foundation Realty, serving the Hilton Head area since 1976. or (843) 683-7999

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