Five Reasons Autumn is Better in a Beach Community

Posted by on Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 9:19am.

Written by: Melanie Lutkowski 

Apple Crisp: The autumn morning air is apple crisp and sugary sweet. The whispering wind breaks the silence and waltzes with the Spanish moss.  The slow sway is hypnotic to those who dare to explore at dawn.  A glimmer of sun slips through the branches slowly warming the hikers below.  Island life in Beaufort County means never having to compromise. Autumn here means sweaters in the morning and sipping cider on the sand at night.  Both salty and sweet, a life here means leaving cravings behind and finding fulfillment in the morning light.

The Salty Pumpkin:  When the leaves being to fall, Mother Nature swallows the sun early.  Her icy fingers bring dark afternoons and bitter cold nights.  This is especially prevalent in the northeast where the simple task of sipping a pumpkin coffee can result in candy apple lips.  On Hilton Head Island locals enjoy their pumpkin coffee with sea foam.  Here October can mean days spent swimming in the sea and sunsets that taste like cinnamon.  A seaside pumpkin delight, a salty pumpkin coffee sounds the tastiest to me.

A Splash of Color:  For those who fear moving south because they love the foliage in the northeast, we have a solution.   Just a few hours away from Hilton Head Island are the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.   Here islanders can enjoy the bursting colors of fall and return to the sea when the weekend draws to a close.  It is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of autumn without sacrificing the warm southern breeze.

Halloween without the Horror:  All Hallows Eve can bring a dastardly chill and be still the beating heart. The icy air can steal your breath while searching for tricks and treats.  In the northeast, layered costumes and a blanket of snow are a nightmarish possibility. In Beaufort County Halloween night is more like a dream than a nightmare.  As the sun fades ghosts and goblins come to life and sweet southern comfort fills the streets.  Hospitality fills close nit communities as candy corn hunters are welcomed at every gate.  Halloween without the horror means a night full of warmth and sweets.  Come see why islanders know Halloween in the south is impossible to beat.

Give Thanks:  When the final leaf has fallen and no color remains, the baron trees feel empty and make sad the shorter days. Winter is fast approaching but do not muddle through in just a few short hours the sun waits for you.  Come sit at our table and bring all that you hold dear.  On this special island gardens flourish all year.  The trees will still be breathing long after the frost arrives and there will not be a single month where you can’t go outside.  Life is meant for living and air should never freeze.  Come see why islanders are thankful that they are neighbors with the sea.


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