5 Ways to Love the Work Week on Hilton Head Island

Posted by on Monday, August 22nd, 2016 at 9:24am.

By: Melanie Lutkowski 

Can you taste the salt in the air?  You are lying in the sand as the warm breeze licks your lips.  The sun blankets you as the sea softly plays in the background. The pace is low and the tides are high.  On Hilton Head Island living the beach life is like being on vacation every day.   Read on to see just a few ways islanders are enjoying the work week.

Monday:  Have dinner inside a painting.

                Hilton Head Island is privy to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  Hues of pink and purple fill the sky and carry viewers far away from the Monday madness. Amazing restaurants such as the “Skull Creek Boat House” not only offer outstanding cuisine but unmatched ambiance.  This place is not to be missed for visitors and locals alike.   It is the perfect cure for a case of the Mondays.



Tuesday:  Take a cruise.

                All aboard for a Tuesday night cruise.   An evening filled with dancing dolphins and calm seas.  Where the sun slowly meets the ocean and the salty spray washes your cares away.   Hilton Head Island offers a variety of cruises on many days of the week. Come sail with us but be warned, you may forget you have a job at all.



Wednesday:  Take the work out of working out.

                Gym memberships are not required on Hilton Head Island.  Dusk is meant for jumping in the surf and riding on the waves.  The early morning air is perfect for a bike ride up the coast or a jog beneath the oak trees. A haven for golfers, those who have a knack for the game can swing the night away on some of the most challenging courses in the country.  A passion for play is required on the island.  Growing old is necessary, growing up here is not.





Thursday:  Why not dance in the streets?

                 On Thursday nights music fills the harbor at Shelter Cove.  Nestled next to a stunning marina this haven provides waterfront dining, shopping and most importantly dancing.  Spin off your work day and twirl that meeting away.   Why not dance in the streets?  It is the island way.




Friday:  The show must go on!

                The curtain has closed on another work week.  Immerse yourself in a local theatre production or get lost in local artwork at a nearby gallery.   Not just for a rainy day but the perfect reward after surviving another forty hours.


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