32 Things for Kids to do this Summer from HGTV

Posted by on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 at 6:41pm.

By: Keri Sanders

Summertime for kids is one of the most magical, memorable times of their lives. With so much freedom, they finally have the time to explore, run wild and just be kids. But with so much free time, it's easy for kiddos to revert to a summer of TV and video games. Keep them off the couch and make the most of their break with these fun and totally entertaining ideas. 

1: Visit a national park and join a Junior Ranger program.

2: Paint a chalkboard wall or let your driveway be the canvas.

3: Sign them up for music lessons.

4: Make sun tea. 

5: Have a water balloon fight. Mix in non-toxic paint for extra fun! 

6: Conduct a science experiment.

7: Explore a nearby cave. But watch out for bats!

8: Build a treehouse together. 

9: Make your own tasty ice cream sandwiches.

10: Join in on your local library's summer reading challenge.

11: Go camping in the backyard. (And you don't have to rough it!)

12: Make homemade popsicles with candy inside. 

13: Create a water park at home. Hose + Sprinklers + Tarp = 1 Day of Fun.

14: Encourage them to write a book and read it to the family.

15: Set up a lemonade stand.

16: Go on a nature walk and let them take pictures as you go.

17: Make a fairy garden. Find adorable inspiration here.

18: Put together a treasure hunt using funny riddles as clues.

19: Recreate some favorite family photos. You'll love this project, too!

20: Grow a garden together. 

21: Help them write and perform their very own play (with costumes!).

22: Let them plan the dinner menu. Spaghetti with syrup? Let's do it!

23: Build a blanket fort.

24: Go on a picnic. 

25: Get a pet. Summer is the perfect time to train a new puppy or kitten! 

26: Have a tea party. We recommend sweet petit fours.

27: Find a pen pal and teach them the art of hand-written letters.

28: Set up a backyard obstacle course.

29: Throw a tie-dying party and invite the neighborhood kids.

30: Collect summer flowers.

31: Go to a dollar movie to cool off on a scorching day.

32: Have a yard sale and let them donate what doesn't sell.

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