2017 Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Posted by Carl Schroeder on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 at 11:15pm.

This post was written by Jenny Ladutko, Interior Designer at J Banks Design

Each New Year brings a chance to start fresh and set goals for improvement.  While diet and exercise tend to take center stage, it is also the best time to set a resolution for your home. Your home and the way it makes you feel is such an integral element of your day-to-day life.  It can have a profound impact on your overall mood, productivity, and well being!  The good news is that in just a few simple steps you can get results and see effects instantly. Ready to transform your 2017?  Here are my top 5 strategies to freshen up your home and bring a whole new outlook for the year ahead.



Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint!  It can literally transform the ambiance of a space, inside and out.

I recently worked with David and Kate Crowell in Windmill Harbour to select paint colors for the exterior of their home.  We took their original colors and lightened them up a few notches, going with a more crisp, clean white for the trim color, and a classic, warm Ivory for the body color.  While lighter, the combo still maintained a beautiful contrast and has made it feel like a new house!

Every so many years, consider repainting your walls and/or trim color.  Even if you keep the same colors you have, just a fresh coat of paint will make everything look more polished and brand new!

Find Your Focal Points

What is the first, second, and third thing you see in a room as you enter it?  Those are your major focal points. Use them as your tool to enhance your space and establish a hierarchy.  It is an important way to create visual organization and direct attention.


Layer Textures

Rearrange Furniture


Have you had the sofa and chairs in one position for years?  Move things around and place them in a different arrangement for a new perspective.  Sometimes all you need to do is revisit the way something is placed to create a new dynamic and interest.  Think about transition areas too, such as foyers and hallways, and get creative putting together different types of vignettes.

Compartmentalize and Edit Accessories 

Streamline day-to-day clutter, with decorative trays, boxes and baskets as “catch-all” tools for organization. Now is also the perfect time to go through your bookshelves, consoles, etc. and edit, just as we go through closets from time to time and edit out clothes that have lost their luster or interest to us.  Ask yourself, “Is this object simply a placeholder or does it have meaning to me?” You would be surprised how many people have accessories displayed that they really do not like.  If anything falls within this category, try removing it. One item that has more meaning or beauty to you can be much more powerful; both visually and mentally.  If you think you still need something to fill a space, it can be as simple as a small vase with a floral stem that you change out weekly.

Make Plans to Entertain Outdoors

Having friends over for dinner?  Extend the party beyond the walls of your home and plan to be outside.  Create cozy conversation areas with comfortable seating, decorative pillows and throws. Dress up outdoor tables with tablecloths and layers of fabrics.  You can even bring furniture and accessories outside for the occasion that are usually indoors to take it to a completely new level.  Why not take advantage of our beautiful Lowcountry climate all year long?

Here’s to 2017, a year full of opportunity and prosperity.  Set a goal to tackle at least one of these design resolutions, the results will inspire you!


Thank you to J Banks Design for these helpful New Year, New Look tips! If you would like to contact the store about any of the items you see in this post, their information is below:





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