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5 Reasons It Is Easy To Be a Cheapskate at the Beach

Anna's Tree

Written By: Melanie Lutkowski
Picture By: Anna Ciuffreda 

Nature Does Not Charge Admission:   I have never seen a tree charge admission and there is no ticket collector at the shore line.  Islanders can give the morning to the sea, the afternoon to the trees and the evenings to the setting sun.  The cost is absolutely free but the reward is breathtaking.  Hilton Head Island offers not only miles and miles of shoreline but miles of wilderness to hike as well.   A day spent with Mother Nature will only cost you hours but will give you memories that will last forever.

Collect Art:   There is no painting that can compare to art carefully crafted by the sea.  Islanders understand that the

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Sun Set

Picture by: Dan Ciuffreda
Written by: Kim Ciuffreda

Welcome to paradise! Rise and Shine.... There's so much to see on Hilton Head Island! Hilton Head is surrounded by 12 miles of Atlantic beach so start your adventure early by watching the sunrise on one of our many beaches. Take a bike ride, go for a jog, participate in a beach yoga class, build a sandcastle or frolic in the waves. 

Would you like to make this your permanent view? Click here to see how affordable island life can be. 



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Written by: Melanie Lutkowski 
Pictures by: Kim Ciuffreda

Burkes Beach

There is a place where the ride is thrilling but admission is free.  Feel the lift then crash like thunder. Dig in and let it take you down.  It is in this moment you find the quiet calm and fill with childhood glee.  There is no greater healer then the sea.     

Come and be healed by the beaches of Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Beaches like Burkes Beach are the perfect medicine for the winter blues. Like most beaches on Hilton Head Island, this piece of shoreline offers unmatchable views.  The early morning light explodes over the sea and creates a warm sandy resting place for beach lovers.   As the sea swallows the sun, vibrant colors consume the clouds as dolphins dare to dance on

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Homes sales fare well in the fall season

by Carl Schroeder

 Most real estate agents agree that home selling in Autumn is the second best season to sell a home. Summer vacations have ended and the kids have gone back to school. The empty nesters are thinking about the future without children at home and life is less hectic and the holidays are still down the road a bit. People are comfortable and relaxed as the temperatures begin to drop.

 Here are some tips that are appealing to autumn home buyers:

 Spruce Up The Yard – Remove dead leaves and debris in your lawn. Blow away those pine needles. Trim the bushes and cut the tree limbs, so that the sun can shine in.

Accentuate That Autumn Appeal – Use fall flowers and arrangements placed at the

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By Melanie Lutkowski 

It’s Monday.  You hear the alarm screaming and quickly silence it.  Just fifteen more minutes of slumber is worth the gamble.  One dream later thirty minutes has passed.  With a rip the covers are gone.  The icy air consumes you. Your heating system is no match for the February chill.  Your feet like cement blocks, you drag yourself to the coffee pot. As you draw your next breath, it happens.  Your heart furiously beats, pouring out the notes to a horror movie theme song.  Cautiously you approach the curtain.  As the fabric is slowly peeled your eyes widen in terror.  Not a zombie apocalypse.  Not a masked man.  No monster flashing a pearly white grin, just a pearly white blanket of inconvenience.

Run from the snow beast.

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By: Melanie Lutkowski 

Can you taste the salt in the air?  You are lying in the sand as the warm breeze licks your lips.  The sun blankets you as the sea softly plays in the background. The pace is low and the tides are high.  On Hilton Head Island living the beach life is like being on vacation every day.   Read on to see just a few ways islanders are enjoying the work week.

Monday:  Have dinner inside a painting.

                Hilton Head Island is privy to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.  Hues of pink and purple fill the sky and carry viewers far away from the Monday madness. Amazing restaurants such as the “Skull Creek Boat House” not only offer outstanding cuisine but unmatched ambiance.  This place is not to be missed for

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The Foundation Realty Team had a great time on Tuesday during the Professional Development Class held at Haig Point. 
Debbie Iredell, Charlene Neste, Marguerite Carver and Peter Hansen traveled by Golf Cart, the preferred way to travel on Daufuskie, while learning about this amazing island. 




Daufuskie Island offers a glimpse of what other sea islands were like before bridges and causeways opened them to development. Since Daufuskie is an island without a bridge, you can only get here by passenger ferry or boat (no cars on the ferries).  You’ll be able to leave your car on the mainland in a parking lot maintained by your ferry or water taxi company.

Located between Hilton Head Island and Savannah, Daufuskie Island is the southernmost Sea

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recycling electronics


Granted, sorting things to toss or donate can be a headache in itself. But trust us: It is so worth it. After all, there’s a bit of the hoarder in everyone (sometimes more than a bit), and moving is the perfect opportunity to pare down your possessions. Plus, when you’re paying movers by the hour, fewer boxes means a smaller bill.


1. Consider your new space

Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading your square footage, keep in mind what will and won’t fit in your new pad—and we’re talking style as well as size. Don’t keep all of your ratty den furniture if you’ll have only a formal living room, and consider ditching the china cabinet if you’re losing dining space.

And don’t

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Mike Chamernik, Associate Editor

Photo courtesy Sherwin Williams.

August 10, 2016 Homeowners looking to sell should immediately paint their slate gray walls a new color, according to findings from Zillow Digs, a website where users can browse millions of photos for home improvement and design inspiration.

Zillow Digs analyzed photos of nearly 50,000 homes sold across the U.S. over the last 10 years and determined that a room’s paint color influences the selling price.

The report took into account the wall color and the type of room, with controls for all other wall colors, square footage, the age of the home, the date of the transaction, and the location.

Creamy yellow or wheat-colored

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The Bluffton Farmers Market is Open every Thursday from 2pm-7pm
Located on Calhone St in Historic Bluffton

Fresh, locally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants and herbs abound at the Farmers Market of Bluffton, a weekly community event where locals and tourists gather not only to buy excellent produce but also to enjoy delicious food, listen to entertainment, and relax with friends. Located in historic downtown Bluffton along Calhoun and Lawrence Streets and through Carson Cottages, this family friendly market showcases local growers, local food vendors, local entertainment, local community causes and local information about the Bluffton area.

Things you may find at the Farmers Market:

  • Local Chef's demonstrate the preparation of
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