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There has been a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get a home mortgage in today’s lending environment. However, three recent reports have revealed that lending standards are beginning to ease. This is great news for both first time buyers and current homeowners looking to move or buy a second vacation/retirement home. Let’s look at the three reports:

The MBA’S Mortgage Credit Availability Index

This index, issued by the Mortgage Bankers’ Association, measures the availability of credit available in the home mortgage market. A decline in the MCAI indicates that lending standards are tightening, while increases in the index are indicative of a loosening of credit. We can see that the index has been increasing nicely this year:


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I love a good mix of black and white when it comes to home exteriors. Some of my favorites are sprawling white farmhouses. Here in the Lowcountry, we have our own type of farmhouse; it’s the traditional southern Lowcountry home with large porches. A white house such a pure feel to it and everything is elegantly simple and timeless. Below are some of our favorite classic white homes. 

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Curious about the real estate market on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton for August 2015? We have all the plantations broken down for you below.  You’ll find market information about new listings, closed sales, median prices, percent of the list price received, days on the market until a sale and inventory of homes for sale.

As a Real Estate leader on the Island, Foundation Realty will help you obtain market information and establish the probable value of your property. If you foresee a change in your Hilton Head Island or Bluffton ownership on the horizon, acting sooner rather than later is a wise decision. Please e-mail us at or call us at (843)686-4002.

View Market Report Here

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Hilton Head Island and Bluffton has certainly had a great year for awards! Earlier this year, Hilton Head Island was awarded the “Gold Award” by the League of American Bicyclists. Providing nearly 60 miles of public pathways and nature trails, Hilton Head Island is the only Gold Level community in the Southeast.

Hilton Head also mode the top five on TripAdvisor’s nationally-recognized list for best island vacation spots in the United States. Ranked among areas like Maui, Island of Hawaii and Kauai, this is an enormous honor to be included on this list.

Yahoo has named Hilton Head Island as the #1 Most Popular U.S. Island for Summer Vacation. Travel + Leisure also named Hilton Head Island as #2 Island in the U.S. and Canada. Travel + Leisure also

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September 20, 2015 - 11:00AM – Harbour Town Fall Fest 

With summer behind us, come enjoy the splendor of Harbour Town with this family-friendly event that will include a sidewalk sale with Harbour Town shops offering great deals and fabulous finds; local favorite Deas-Guyz in concert featuring an entertaining mix of old Motown, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, reggae and dance beats; three fantastic boats including two South Carolina-built Pioneers on land and a luxurious Chris Craft 29 Catalina in the water; great dining on the harbour all day and children’s activities.

October 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 – 2015 Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head Island 

The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry welcomes you to the 2015 Public Art Exhibition,

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Are you debating whether you should renew your lease? Here’s why you may want to sign a contract to purchase rather than a rental lease.

Housing Cost & Net Worth

It’s a fact…you will have a monthly housing cost whether you rent or own a home, apartment, condo or villa.

If you are a buyer or if you choose to purchase a home on Hilton Head or in Bluffton, you are paying YOUR mortgage.

Every mortgage payment is a form of what Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies calls “forced savings.”

"Since many people have trouble saving and have to make a housing payment one way or the other, owning a home can overcome people’s tendency to defer savings to another day.”  

The principal portion of your mortgage payment helps build

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Important dialing changes are on the way for Lowcountry residents and visitors. Instead of dialing the seven digits for local numbers, you will now be required to dial all 10 digits. Starting September 19, 2015, anyone making a local phone call will be required to dial the area code before the seven-digit phone number.

Another change on the way is a new area code for the Lowcountry.  By October 19, 2015 people signing up for new phone service  in the Lowcountry, land-line or cell, will receive a new 854 area code.

Be sure to update any pre-programed 7 digit numbers on your devices. It’s also a good idea to make sure any printed material has the 10 digit phone number included on it. 

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If you're thinking of buying a home on Hilton Head Island, there are three important questions to ask before you purchase. Let’s see if it’s ACTUALLY a good time to buy here in the Lowcountry.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing In Today’s Market:

Why am I buying a home?

This seems like the most important question to answer before a home purchase on Hilton Head Island or in Bluffton. Put finances a side and just figure out why you even began to consider purchasing a home. A study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University reveals that the four major reasons people buy a home have nothing to do with money:

  • A good place to raise children and for them to get a good education
  • A place where you and your family feel
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Home ownership on Hilton Head Island comes with many benefits, including some sizable tax deductions. Ask your accountant or tax professional about whether these real estate deductions apply to you.


  • Mortgage interest – You may be able to deduct all interest paid on your mortgage.
  • Mortgage insurance – Mortgage insurance on government-backed mortgages may be deductible in the same way as mortgage interest.
  • Local property tax – You may deduct property taxes paid to the county tax collector.
  • Points & prepaid interest – Points and charges paid to obtain a mortgage for a home purchase or improvements may be deductible.
  • Home office deduction – The portion of your home used exclusively and regularly as an office space is deductible
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Foundation Realty proudly announces the addition of two new Realtors, Laura Bracken and Marguerite Carver, to the team.


Laura is a graduate of the University of Maine and began her career in marketing, where she helped clients and businesses excel for over 10 years. Laura launched into real estate sales with one of the top real estate brokerages on Hilton Head Island, Foundation Realty. Laura represents sellers of all levels who are looking to list and sell their homes for top dollar using first class, technology based marketing programs.  Laura believes in developing trusting relationships by listening and comprehending each client’s unique circumstances. Her attention to detail and organizational skills enable her to act as a strong advocate for

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